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we are currently hiring sales agents for our on line promotion division-----PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW,takes 2 minutes max.........

JOB DESCRIPTION----------- generating traffic to the promo pages..via word of mouth,tweets,face to face interaction whatever way you see fit to get traffic to the site

DETAILS OF JOB----------- 1)NO SET HOURS 2)WORK FROM HOME 3)NO SELLING INVOLVED (the page has all the info they need,if they have questions just refer them to the site,it is as simple as "CHECK THIS SITE OUT" then give them your link..they ask a bunch a questions just say"ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED ON THE SITE,TAKES 1 MINUTE TO READ" ) 4) WE GIVE YOU YOUR OWN PAGE WITH YOUR OWN LINKS (so we know where the orders are coming from,& we know who to pay) 5) ALL ORDERS FROM YOUR PAGE GO TO YOU FIRST,THEN YOU FORWARD THEM TO US (that way you can also keep track of the orders you are generating) if you want an example of what your page will look like just click the BRAND PROMOTION SERVICES on this site..your page will be set up just like that

HOW TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR ORDERS & $$$--------all orders will come to your email address,you will forward the order email to us.after the person pays,we will send your percentage to your pay pal,that is it....YOU DON'T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING,YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROCESS ANYTHING...JUST GET THEM TO THE SITE...FORWARD THE ORDER....THEY PAY...WE PAY YOU as soon as they pay...your job is done

PAYMENT PERCENTAGES % ----------- we have 6 different promo packages 25$-1 week (your % 10$) 50$-3 weeks (your % 20$) 75$-6 weeks (your % 30$) 100$-9 weeks (your % 40$) 150$-6 months (your % 60$) 200$-1 year (your % 80$ )

THINGS YOU MUST HAVE------- 1) email to receive your orders  2)Active Pay Pal account to receive payment from us 3)ACTIVE TWITTER ACCOUNT (preferred but not mandatory)

PREFERENCES FOR HIRE---------Individuals that work with,know people that work with or have some form of interaction or accessibility with MUSIC ARTIST's (hip hop,gospel,r&b,soul,alternative,reggae & pop) ON LINE STORES (clothes only),ON LINE RADIO SHOWS (music or talk) MODELS,AUTHORS,PRODUCERS (music,tv,film),GRAPHIC DESIGNERS and ARTIST's(visual)

BOTTOM LINE-------- NO SALES,NO SET HOURS,(you get what you put in,i will not be monitoring the time you work) ALL HIRES will have a 30 day window(have to get at least 5 paid orders a month to keep your web page active) if not ,i have to deactivate it and try someone else out,not personal:)

IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED --------- email [email protected] and we will set a interview with you via SKYPE or FACE BOOK call,i don't want you maniacs blowing up my number:) thank you

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